Where to Stay and What to Eat When in Atlanta

Thank you to the following hotel, restaurants, and small shop for the complimentary items received in this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Girl time. We all need it. Time to get away from the nagging to-do lists, endless obligations, and pressing fatigue is a rare and precious commodity. Recently, I was able to enjoy the … Read More

Top Surprising Finds at a Recent Georgia-Pacific Mill Tour

This post is sponsored by Georgia-Pacific; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. What do you really know about small town life in Alabama? Perhaps a smorgasbord of “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” chants, charming southern hospitality, big hair, and delectable fried chicken come to mind. You would not be wrong. But there is one more thing you might … Read More

How to Journal Your Way to Joy

Whether you are a single, career-driven woman, stay-at-home mom, on-the-go wife, or someone entirely different, we women tend to have one nagging problem in common—we easily fall into the trap of discontentment. I mean, not me. I’ve got it altogether, of course… I’m 100% kidding, people. This is me to the core many days. What I deem as failures and … Read More

Hey Mama Who Occasionally Screams at Her Kids: This One’s For You

I screamed at my kids the other day. I’m embarrassed to admit it, and the inner people-pleaser in me wants nothing more than to delete that first sentence altogether. But for the sake of transparency, I’ll lay out the truth void of neatly tucked edges and flowery language. I’m a minister’s wife and writer whose sole purpose in life is … Read More

The Detrimental Lie Moms Believe

I missed it—the first basket my son ever scored in an actual basketball game. And for weeks I have felt like a failure. It would be one thing if I had missed the game for a good reason. You know, I was absent because I was stranded on the side of the highway, trapped in my crushed vehicle which was … Read More

Quick and Easy Chewy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

I know, I know. The girl who hates to cook is posting another random recipe. But the good news is, you can guarantee that if this girl is taking time to post a recipe, it must be super easy and tasty! Allow me to give you a little background information before I share this surprisingly scrumptious, quick and easy, no bake, … Read More

One Tool Every Blogger/Business Owner Needs and Why

When I began blogging, I was clueless. All I knew was that I felt God leading me to write a book and starting a blog seemed to be the best way to begin that journey. Since I didn’t personally know anyone at the time who had a blog to seek advice from, I did the only thing I knew to … Read More

Wipe Your Own Butt, Kid! Love, Mama Bear

If there were a prime candidate for the least likely woman ever to be a butt wiping, snot sucking, poop inspecting mama bear, not to mention keeper and protector of small children, it would most definitely be ME. I never babysat. Like ever as a teenager. And I can only distinctly remember babysitting a grand total of two times when … Read More

6 Steps to Sanity for the Anxiety-Driven Woman

A few items mentioned in this post were gifted to me. As always, all opinions are my own. I had an epiphany this weekend—you know, one of those ah-hah moments where all of life’s frustrations suddenly make perfect sense (or at least most). In order for you to fully understand this moment of enlightenment I experienced, here’s what you need … Read More