21 Items You Need to Pack for Your Next Cruise

Thank you to the following shops/brands and Royal Caribbean for the items mentioned in this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Ten years ago, I said “I do” and was whisked away on my very first cruise experience with my husband for our honeymoon. We cruised with Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas and had the time of our lives. We loved it so much, we decided then and there we would cruise again for our tenth anniversary. Had we made a tad more money, we would not have waited so long… darn those pesky bills. Finally, ten years later and three kids under our belts, we booked our cruise with Royal Caribbean to head to the Bahamas once again. We stuffed our faces full of good food, were pampered with surprises sent to our door like the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries, lounged along the shoreline of sandy Bahamian beaches, and explored the various shows and activities aboard the Majesty of the Seas (our cruise ship). It was perfection.

Now that we’ve cruised twice, I decided I should share some of the knowledge I gained while cruising the high seas. When you book your next Royal Caribbean cruise, here are a few things you will want to pack (and some of my favorite places to purchase these items). P.S. I’ve attached a free printable packing list for your convenience.

  1. The most amazing bathing suit… or two. You will not want to put a wet, cold suit back on, so pack more than one. Trust me! Mine are from Rad Swim.   
  2. Cruise worthy clothes (formal, casual, and lounge wear). My favorite outfit to wear around the ship was this adorable romper from my friend’s shop, Willow House Boutique—affordable and super cute boutique outfits! For those who aren’t local, you can shop her feed on Instagram here and pay just $3 shipping. Score!  And here are my 2 favorite beach dresses I found at Pink Blush.                                The material feels buttery smooth, and who doesn’t love pockets?! Pink Blush always makes me happy! Every Royal Caribbean cruise has a formal night, so be sure to pack a cocktail dress if you plan to attend. Oh, and leggings with comfy tees are a must.                         Here’s where you can shop mine: Willow House Boutique and Chocolate Milke.
  3. Sunglasses. We received our sunglasses from SunglassUP.                                   If you know me, you know I like a good deal. These sunnies run around $9.99, some even $6. Plus, you can receive 20% off and FREE shipping with my code: STEPHANIE20. Good through the end of June!
  4. Silicone wedding rings. I am terrified of losing my diamond ring and wedding band in the ocean or banging it up on an excursion and so is my husband. So we wore these silicone wedding bands from Qalo. They stayed secure to our fingers and were super comfy.  
  5. Underwear (let’s make it the pretty ones, shall we?!). I was able to pamper myself with a monthly subscription from Bootay Bags. They send you two new pairs of pretty panties every month. Such a fun surprise to open and perfect for our anniversary trip!  
  6. Shoes. I basically brought all flip-flops and sandals. Make sure you pack a pair that you don’t mind wearing in the shower. I am weird about showering where strangers before me have. If you have OCD, you’ll thank me!
  7. Wrinkle release spray. If you don’t want wrinkles in your clothes, you will need to bring this. No irons are allowed.
  8. Sunscreen. If you are the all-natural type, you might want to check out Raise Them Well’s Zinc Oxide Powder. This magical powder can be transformed into sunscreen in just minutes (plus, you can use it for a slew of other advantages…like acne cream for instance!). Plus, it’s kid safe!  
  9. Bug Repellent. Unless you want the Zika virus, you might want to bring some bug repellent to keep those nasty mosquitoes away!
  10. Electronic devices and chargers. You will want these if you, like me, are wanting to get the Internet package to stay connected to your family back home.
  11. Walkie Talkies. This is one item I wish we had brought. Two couples joined us on the cruise, and one of them did not purchase the internet package. We couldn’t just Facebook message them when it was time to meet up. Walkie talkies would have been handy!
  12. Toiletries. Don’t forget your feminine items if need be and makeup, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner/face wash, razor, and lotion!
  13. Aloe. Because sunburn sucks.
  14. First Aid Kit. You definitely don’t want to go tracking down a Band-Aid. Bring these yourself for convenience.
  15. Refillable water bottle or a pack of bottled water. Nobody wants to waste excursion money on overpriced bottled water.
  16. Backpack. Backpacks are the most convenient way to carry towels, sunscreen, wallet, etc. on and off of the ship. Trust me.
  17. Selfie stick. You will especially want this if it’s just two of you and you don’t feel comfortable always stopping and asking strangers to take your pictures.
  18. Light jacket. This is one item I forgot to bring and wish I hadn’t. You wouldn’t think to bring a jacket to the Caribbean, but that ship can get cold!
  19. Passport/Birth certificate. You will need one of these if you head out of the country.
  20. Personal ID. Self-explanatory.
  21. Cash. Most items aboard the ship are purchased with card, but you will want cash to spend on souvenirs at the various ports you stop at. And it’s always important to carry emergency cash anyway!

I hope this list has been helpful. If you’ve been on a cruise before and noticed that I missed something that was helpful for you on your last cruise, please add it to the comments section! Print your packing list below.

Click here to print: Cruise Packing List

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