4 Ways To Entertain Your Sick Child

As babies, all three of my kids were rather healthy. They were rarely sick and when they were ill, they recovered quickly. I’m that mom who breastfed, gives vitamins daily, and makes sure my kids eat a healthy variety of foods. But now that my two boys are in school, they apparently have become magnets to nasty germs and sicknesses. My middle son was diagnosed with strep throat just recently and had to stay home from school for a couple of days. And let me tell you, making an energetic four-year-old rest even when he’s sick is not for the faint of heart, especially once the meds kicked in, causing him to feel better even though he was still quite sick and contagious. I did find some activities he could do though that allowed him to rest while fending off boredom.

Play-Doh. What kid doesn’t love Play-Doh? My son sat still for probably thirty minutes at a time, sculpting and cutting and shaping this stuff. Thirty minutes! That’s basically ten lifetimes for a kid that age! Major mom win.



Building Blocks. They are classic. Boy, girl…it doesn’t matter. Kids love to use their imaginations and build. It keeps them busy using their minds without exerting too much energy. Every mom should invest in a good set of Legos.




Reading. If your library is sparse, this is one area you need to invest in for all the obvious educational reasons. Plus, reading books is a fun activity to do with your child that will keep him/her resting and relaxing while trying to recover from an illness.



Educational Apps. Technology can be an excellent tool to use when used sparingly. When my kids are sick, I allow them more time with technology than I normally would. And I have found the cutest educational app for preschoolers! KidloLand app contains over 1,000 interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories, and educational activities.


Children can learn the alphabet, colors, shapes, and even improve their fine motor skills (I’ve observed this with my two-year-old). All of my kids enjoy this app, especially my youngest two. When my son stayed home from school while sick, he spent a lot of time exploring the various activities the app had to offer. He smiled and hummed along to the songs, pieced together virtual puzzles, sorted colors and fruits and vegetables, and so much more.


This app is great for sick-at-home kids but would also be perfect for traveling, doctor visits, and other events where your child has to remain still.


You can download your own KidloLand app by visiting the Google Play Store, iOS, or the Amazon Appstore. Seriously worth checking out!

The sick days flew by thanks to these various activities! So, next time you and your babes are stuck at home because the germs refuse to stay away, break out these activities and watch the time fly by. I know I will. Every. Time.


I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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