6 Fun Christmas Traditions for the Holidays

There are two types of people in the world: those who listen to Christmas music in November (spreading cheer and sunshine to all they meet) and those who prefer to word vomit “bah humbugs” across Facebook posts that depict Christmas décor hung before Thanksgiving Day. Answer me this: are you even a Christian if you fall into the latter category? #justsayin. My husband is the latter. Our family went a little non-traditional this year and indulged in enjoying Christmas lights and eating steak ON Thanksgiving Day (you can imagine how well that went over with the husband). Can’t a girl be thankful for Christmas décor and steak? I think so. Anyway… being the Christmas lover (aka: godly Christian ahem) that I am, I am totally stoked for another holiday season filled with Jesus, family, friends, and LOTS of Christmas tunes. So, just for fun, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite Christmas traditions.

  1. Christmas Lights. Seeing my kids get so giddy over nativity scenes, snow men, and Santas surrounded by strings of lights makes this mama grin from ear to ear. I would be lying though, if I said that was the only reason I enjoy getting out to see lights with my family. The truth is, the kid inside of me comes out to play when I’m surrounded by those twinkling little friends! 
  2. Christmas movies. Every year I love curling up on the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate while enjoying a classic Christmas movie. In the past, the Hallmark channel and Disney never failed to deliver my Christmas movie fix. But sadly, we no longer have satellite or cable. Now Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are my roads to Christmas cheer. Thankfully, I discovered recently that Pure Flix is offering free Christmas movies every Sunday for Christmas movie junkies like me! Do you hear that? That’s me doing my happy dance! If you need me after dark, I’ll be cuddled up on the couch getting my Christmas on!
  3. Church Drama and Cantata. I’m not sure how it happened, but about five or six years ago, I directed our church’s Christmas drama for the first time… and somehow that job has stuck with me over the years. I am no professional, but I relish in witnessing the characters come to life through our church people and observing the audience be moved (either to tears, laughter, or both!). It does my heart good! 
  4. Going “home” for Christmas. Each Christmas my husband and I pack our suitcases, strap the children into the car, and head to the city where I grew up so that we can celebrate the holiday with extended family. This is one of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas season! Santa even still brings me a stocking full of candy to my mom’s house! So nice of her… I mean “him.” Christmas=Home!
  5. Dirty Santa. This one is not sentimental at all. Honestly, it’s probably the most commercial part in this list of holiday traditions. If you haven’t played “Dirty Santa,” I quite honestly feel sorry for you. How sad that you have never experienced the game where it’s legal to steal. Hahaha. Google it, my friends, and your life will be forever changed. 
  6. Shoe Box Ministry. Now that we’ve been selfish playing Dirty Santa, we can go back to thinking about others. When the holiday season draws close, our church along with many others participate in “Operation Christmas Child” by collecting shoe boxes filled with toys and accessories for children overseas. This opportunity allows me to teach my children how important it is to give to others. It can be difficult for small children to understand why we are buying toys for other kids but none for them, but it has been an excellent learning tool. I want my kids to be passionate about giving to others, and this ministry has been a great way to get my kids excited about helping those less fortunate.

These are just a few of my favorite Christmas traditions. I really could have quite the exhaustive list when it comes to why I love this season, but I will stop here. I would love to hear what your favorite traditions are! Please share in the comments so that I, along with other readers, can find something new to do this year with the family. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!



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    We have hidden baby Jesus for the past couple years and sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find him. We give clues for a week before Christmas to try and encourage them to “seek Jesus”. It gives us a little talking time to bring the kids back to the real reason we decide to celebrate Christmas. Got a version of the idea from Skit Guys a couple years ago. Great for toddlers through grade school.

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    I really enjoyed reading this. I’ll have to remember to get onto that husband of yours for being a scrooge. ? Love you guys. Great job once again Stephanie.

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    I love your list! I love watching Christmas movies and we do Operation Christmas Child every year too! My girls love shopping and filling up their boxes. ♥️
    Merry Christmas
    xo, Nicole

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

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