When Appreciating Your Husband Takes Too Much Time

I never would have thought that time would be my worst enemy. Oh, I’ve heard the numerous warnings from moms and grandmas who have gone before me. “Don’t blink,” they said. “Cherish each moment,” they gently reminded. But did I realize how devious this thief posing as time would actually be? No. As a mom, I am pulled in about … Read More

Why Dating In Marriage Is Better Than Dating Before the “I Dos”

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Dating my husband before we were married was exciting, spontaneous, and romantic. But honestly, it didn’t compare to dating now that we’re married. Sure there might have been more mystery and butterflies in those early days, but I’ve … Read More

For Better or For. . .

I remember him in those days well. Those piercing blue eyes, that chiseled jaw line, and those juicy lips drew me in, and ultimately, his heart to relate to others as a career choice sealed the deal. This was the man I was going to marry. Our life together would be perfect with well-mannered and happy-all-the-time children. We would have … Read More

Why Valentine’s Day Scares Your Husband

Valentine’s Day. It’s the ultimate frenemy of the holidays. You either love it or hate it. Every year the lovers scour the jewelry stores and flower shops for the perfect gift to give their “baes” while the haters don all black attire and throw anti-Valentine’s Day shindigs. We all know people who fall into each of these categories, but what … Read More

What I Miss When You’re Gone

When you’re gone, nothing feels right AT ALL. And the crazy part about it is I miss all the annoying things you do the most (well, maybe not the most, but I’m allowed to be dramatic because you’re not here, and I might literally be going insane)! I miss having to whack you in the middle of the night in … Read More

For The Husband: The Secret Your Wife Wants You To Know

Quick, bring your ear close. Closer. Now, listen carefully, husband, because I have a secret to share with you about your wife. Remember how she used to dress for only you—with soft, pink gloss swept across her lips and each tress of hair falling gracefully along her shoulders, leading to that little black dress she bought specifically because she knew … Read More

The Married Couple Valentine’s Challenge

When I first began dating my husband, he could do no wrong in my eyes. In fact, no one was as smart or as kind or as smokin’ hot as he was. In my mind, I had snatched up the man every other woman in the world only dreamed of having. My heart went pitter patter when he walked into … Read More