3 Hard Truths I Will Teach My Children About Love

After months of listening, processing, and taking into account all of the hurt, excitement, and confusion that friends and strangers alike expressed over our country’s recent election, I finally broke my silence and shared my feelings and thoughts on the matter here on my blog: “When Love and Tolerance Become Hate Behind a Mask.” The overwhelming theme of this recent post … Read More

“My kid has what?!” Lessons God Taught Me In Homeschooling

Written by: Elisabeth Rigby Homeschooling my own kids? Psh, no big deal…easy-peasy. Hadn’t I gotten straight A’s in high school, even taking Physics and Pre-Calculus? Didn’t I graduate a semester early from Bible college with Honors? I went into homeschooling with a faith in God and a confidence in my own qualifications. The first week with my five-year-old was a … Read More

5 Ingenious Tips For Moms On Surviving Flu Season

When you haven’t seen the sun in days… literally DAYS (except that one time you took out the mounding, flu-infested, germ-pool of trash) and the most excitement you’ve witnessed in that time is the happenings of supervillain Gru in Despicable Me, you might just be a mom of ALL sick kids… and if not, then you might need to read … Read More

Fighting Distractions—10 Activities to Help Moms Be More Present

The noise is inescapable most days—the chatter and lights from the TV, the bings and rings from our phones, the coming and going, and the rushing this way and that… it’s all so much. Many days I tend to bury my heart and mind into the mindless, needless distractions while my poor kids suffer from half-here-mommy syndrome. I’m a stay-at-home … Read More