When You Realize You’re “That Mommy”

There are moments in life that truly define you, life-altering moments, like that moment when you find yourself in the walk jog RUN of shame across the public playground because that little boy with the pants and big boy Cars underwear wrapped around his ankles, watering the swingset with his tiny manhood is your child. Before I was a mom, I had motherhood … Read More

Why You Are The Best Daddy

The evidence was obvious from the start that you were going to be more than just a good father—you were going to be the best daddy around. I could see it when you paced the floor at night with our first newborn baby, all the while explaining to him why night time was not the time for playing, crying, or … Read More

A Schedule For the Mommy of Chaos

I like order. Plans and schedules keep me happy and sane; so when my three babies came along and decided they had plans of their own which did not include my schedule, my life was thrown into a whirlwind. When you are running on little or no sleep, it’s difficult just to blink much less actually put on a bra … Read More

5 Misconceptions People Have About Stay-At-Home-Moms

“So what do you do all day, anyway?” If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, you have probably been asked this question at least once if not multiple times. And if you’re anything like me, your response may have included a nervous chuckle followed by a blank stare all the while trying to figure out what you don’t do because the answer to … Read More

To the Mama In Need of Peace and Quiet

Solitude never felt so sweet. The gentle, steady sound of running water and the warmth and comfort of steam wrapping its arms around you were two very welcome friends in the midst of the morning you were having. But that sweet moment of peace was gone as quickly as it came when two little feet came barreling into this sacred … Read More

Embracing the Insanity

They’re everywhere. I’m completely surrounded. I can feel them all closing in on me as my heart pounds harder and each breath comes faster. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to push them away and back to where they came from; they just seem to multiply and make their way right back to where they don’t belong. Cue the … Read More

10 Reasons Why Sleep Is Overrated

Who needs sleep? My kids sure think I don’t. Sometimes I wonder if all three of them get together and come up with a game plan of how to keep Mommy and Daddy from ever going to sleep. It’s as if they cast lots to decide who will cry out first, who will wet the bed, and who will wake … Read More