A Concern About Christians Post-Election

My heart is heavy today but not for the same reasons others may be hurting. I can barely stand to look at social media because so much of what I see is division and hate even among “Christians.” I see friends assuming the worst about other friends because of the way they voted and hiding behind their devices as they … Read More

6 Yummy Holiday Cookie Recipes

I know what you’re thinking…. “recipes? Isn’t this the same girl who wrote about how much she hated to be in the kitchen in her post ‘Why Mealtime Alone With Kids Is the Worst‘?” Don’t worry…it’s me. I haven’t lost my mind. I still hate cooking. But that’s why I get excited when I find quick and easy ways to … Read More

The 3 “P’s” To the Ultimate Vacation

We’ve all been there. That point you reach when you not only want a vacation but you so desperately need one. I was there just recently. You know that tired feeling you get that basically consumes you? And I don’t mean just physically. I’m talking about being mentally, spiritually, and emotionally tired. This was me. Even the thought of forcing … Read More

DIY Bookcases For Dummies and the Greatest Hack Ever

I am not usually a crafty sort of girl mainly because I’m an impatient person who hates trying to somehow magically make more time appear in order to complete said crafty projects. If I had the resources to do so, I’d probably just buy everything fully made and be done with it. But, alas, sometimes there will be something I … Read More

Not Another Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Post

With all the negativity and harmful words being tossed around on social media, I think it’s time for something more uplifting, so don’t worry. This really is not another same sex marriage ruling post. Independence Day is upon us and instead of focusing on what our country did or didn’t get right here recently, I want to take a break … Read More

5 Reasons Why Adults Need “Besties” Too

  Life without friendship would be like a cake with no icing—boring and quite frankly, pretty ugly. When I think on my time as a child, I remember ever so fondly Friday night sleepovers and trips to the roller-skating rink with my very best friend. As a teenager, I remember ball games and hangouts at the mall with the closest … Read More

To the One I Lost to Cancer

You are no longer here, but that doesn’t mean you’re gone. Over time, your physical presence has simply evolved into a beautiful memory—a memory of secrets told and promises kept, a treasured memory of unconditional love and mutual respect, and a memory of uncontrollable belly laughs and late night girl talks. You were always there, telling me the truth when … Read More

No More New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year, and you know what that means; it’s time to start a new diet. Or at least everyone else sure seems to think so. I did try a diet once when I was in college. One of the rules I had in this particular diet was I could only eat one dessert a week. … Read More