A Christmas Prayer For the One Who Grieves At Christmastime

Oh Father,

You see her tucked away in bed. While other children giggle and wriggle in anticipation that Ol’ St. Nick will soon be near, the only gift her heart desires this Christmas is for Mommy to give her just one more goodnight kiss. She needs You more than ever now.

You see him lost and alone, drowning his sorrows in a shallow glass, attempting to forget those striking eyes and sweet, soft touch. While other young love is born beneath the tinsel and lights, his Christmas wish to hold her in his arms will go unanswered once again this year. He needs You more than ever now.

You see them with tear-filled eyes, squeezing tight a tattered, well-loved teddy bear. While other moms and dads joyfully watch their little ones’ eyes light up and listen to squeals of delight burst forth from their tiny mouths on Christmas morn, they will only have their precious memories of Christmas past. They need You more than ever now.

You see her gazing in the mirror, wondering who this silver-topped, grieving woman is and where the hope-filled, young-in-love lady has gone. While other couples celebrate their 50th Christmas together, her heart longs for one more Christmas Eve with her soul’s truest mate. She needs You more than ever now.

You see her there on that front porch swing, reminiscing belly laughs and heart-to-heart talks. While other dear friends scour the last minute Christmas sales, a silent tear flows down her cheek as she wishes for one more adventure-filled girls’ night out. She needs You more than ever now.

You see your children struggling with pangs of deep sorrow hidden below a surface of courteous smiles. While the world turns on with cider and eggnog, your children weep and cry out to the only One Who truly knows the aching of their hearts. They need You more than ever now.

Pain. Sorrow. Worry. Grief. Hopelessness. Loneliness. Heartache. While we feel deeply these hurts, You stand by us, support us, love us, and sorrow with us. You are our most faithful Friend. We need You more than ever now. And the truth is, You are and were always there. Emmanuel—God with us—we thank You and praise You for your ever-present comfort this Christmas.



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