Fighting Distractions—10 Activities to Help Moms Be More Present

The noise is inescapable most days—the chatter and lights from the TV, the bings and rings from our phones, the coming and going, and the rushing this way and that… it’s all so much. Many days I tend to bury my heart and mind into the mindless, needless distractions while my poor kids suffer from half-here-mommy syndrome. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so it should be easy for me to spend quality time with my children, right?! I should be utilizing my free time, creating and whipping together hand-made projects for my children and adhering to a strict schedule filled with categories of exercise, free play, sensory activities, reading, and exploring. I should be shaping and growing their small minds. But sadly, most days aren’t like this… most days are too full of distractions. So, I’ve decided to do something about it.

The first plan of action I’m taking is to decrease phone/social media time. My blogger friend, Suzanne, wrote about 5 practical ways to put the phone down that is helping me meet this goal. Seriously, people, go read it asap! It’s SO good!

My second plan of action is to incorporate more activities into the day with my youngest child who is at home with me while her siblings attend school. I’ve reached out to several fellow bloggers for ideas and advice and have compiled together a list of activities to use for spending quality time with young children. Obviously, some of these are great to use for free play as well.

1. DIY Sandbox


2. Letter Activity Worksheets


3. Wooden Educational Toys


4. Gross Motor Play—Outdoors


5. The Preschool Box (a monthly subscription)


6. Painting Flower Pots


7. Cookie Decorating Party


8. Shapes and Colors Activity


9. Sensory Experience with Zdough (could also use Play-Doh)


10. 4 Low Energy Activities to Do When Your Kids Are Sick


I am so excited about these newfound ways to be a more present mama and am implementing these changes immediately. I can’t wait to no longer be the distracted mama!

Do you have any fresh ideas for spending time with your kids? Please share them in the comments!


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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    Amen to this all around! I am also trying to decrease my screen time to be less distracted. I am trying to start the day with Jesus- because we all need some Grace to get us through the day! I love all of these ideas!

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    Such cute ideas! I’m on my phone a lot during the week at work but I’m getting a lot better at being present on the weekends. My little bosses are demanding like that ????

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

      Oh yes…these kids can be quite demanding! Haha I don’t work outside the home, so I definitely have to be more careful.

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    It’s so easy to become distracted with everyday things and social media. I try to put quality time in a few times a day (some days, depending on the day’s events, it doesn’t happen – that’s life). I tell myself and my kids, “After Mommy washes dishes, we will do an activity.” So, in between each chore I have that day, I put in an activity that’s 10-15 minutes. Or we take a break and play. When my daughter goes down for a nap, that’s when my son and I do a craft or build wooden train tracks and play trains and cars. I also include the kids in some of the household chores. For example: we sweep everything into one square tile on the floor, the kiddos find pairs of socks as a matching game, the kiddos get sensory play while washing dishes in a soapy bucket). I have been trying to limit my social media too (to in the mornings before everyone wakes up and nap time). And thank you for including a couple of my activities!

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

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