How To Create A Spiritual Haven At Home

In the six years that I’ve been a parent, one hard truth has steadily seeped to the surface in my life—we live in a dark world. Sure, there are slivers of light piercing through the darkness, but they are few. I’ve said before that I’ve considered locking my children away to shield them from the hate and depravity, but I know that doing that would only serve to strengthen the darkness. Although, homeschooling never looked so good…am I right?! Instead of forcefully secluding my children from the rest of the world, I’ve determined to create a haven at home for my family…a spiritual haven. I want our home to be a constant reminder of God’s grace, goodness, and protection. Here are some steps I’ve taken to make this haven a reality.

Lots of prayer. There have been nights where I have quietly tip-toed through the house while pleading with God to protect our home, not necessarily from physical attacks or ailments but from spiritual ones. I have literally placed my hands on my children while earnestly praying for God to draw them to Himself at a young age and guide them to make right choices while avoiding the rebellious path most teens are tempted to take. I pray they will grow to be godly and wise and will positively impact this world with God’s love bursting right out of them. And I pray for my husband. I pray he would lead our family in the way God would have us go and that God would not allow him to stray at all from the right path. Prayer is essential for a godly home and spiritual haven. Prayer is life.

Verbal reminders of God’s Presence. In our home, we have multiple Bibles, kids’ story Bibles, and Bible study tools. But we don’t allow them to collect dust or be “lucky rabbits’ feet” for us, warding off spiritual darkness and such from their mere presence. Because allowing them to sit and not be used is doing nobody any good. They only fight off darkness when they are being utilized. My children love to hear Bible stories, and we do our best to point them to God’s truth in each one. We verbally remind them of why we do what we do. We show them what the Bible says about a matter. They don’t just “obey” us because we say so, but we encourage them to obey us because God says so. Without God and His Word, how would we know what is right after all? The darkness would be sure to creep in.

Physical reminders of God’s presence. I have made our home more of a spiritual haven by placing art work around our home with positive messages and verses inscribed on them.




Messages of peace, joy, faith, hope, and light surround us. My favorite piece of art is this wooden sign.



A sweet friend of mine, Cynthia Markova, from the Home Beautifully blog created this sign uniquely for me. It serves as a reminder that we are to be a light in the world while following the Light, our God and Savior. This reminder along with the other messages and verses throughout our home help complete our spiritual haven. And friends, Cynthia has graciously created this beautiful printable for you so that you too can begin creating your own spiritual haven. I pray you will be inspired by these words and the verse they represent.


Download the printable here.

Change begins at home. What kind of messages does your home emit? Use these three steps to create your own spiritual haven. Do this, and the darkness will seem a little brighter!

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    This is wonderful Stephanie! Yes, there is a lot of dark in the world. But we can provide our children home where God’s light shines through. You are an inspiration, friend!

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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

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