How to Journal Your Way to Joy

Whether you are a single, career-driven woman, stay-at-home mom, on-the-go wife, or someone entirely different, we women tend to have one nagging problem in common—we easily fall into the trap of discontentment. I mean, not me. I’ve got it altogether, of course…

I’m 100% kidding, people. This is me to the core many days. What I deem as failures and shortcomings are allowed access to my heart while they suck the very life out of me like an unrelenting parasite.

But what if I told you, you don’t have to remain in this pit of sadness… you can choose a different path… joy is not some unreachable fantasy only available to the elite. Well, here I am, metaphorically shouting this truth from the rooftops! Joy is yours for the taking and can alter the way your brain processes each predicament that comes into your life.

In order to help women like you and me change their perspectives, I’ve created the JOY Journal—a tangible way to see real change in your heart and mind. And the best part is, it’s free! I simply want to encourage you to live life to the fullest no matter the circumstances surrounding you.

This journal is divided into the four following sections:

  • Dump the Junk. Where are you struggling to experience joy right now? Is it in your marriage? Your job? Dealing with snotty-nosed kids that don’t want to listen? Maybe you have a teenager driving you to yank the very hair right of your head? Whatever these areas are, you list them here.
  • Juice the Joy. On this next page you turn all that negativity you just poured out on paper completely around. Take some time here. Pray. How can God turn your junk into joy? So maybe you lost your dream job. What if a bigger dream than you could imagine is just around the corner? What if God can see how this job would eventually be the cause of a greater heartache? Use this time to focus not on the “could have beens,” but on the “what could bes.”
  • I Choose. And now we come to my favorite page, the one filled with Scripture to renew our minds in multiple difficult circumstances—bumpy relationships, grief and sadness, anxiety and depression, sickness and poverty, and times of waiting. This is by far THE most important page of the journal. Laminate this baby and hang it on your mirror or refrigerator or wherever you’ll best be able to receive a daily reminder of what God Himself says about the joy He’s provided you.
  • Today I’m Thankful. Last but definitely not least, we come to your daily activity. Every single day of the week, we are going to write down something we are thankful for. I don’t care if you’re having the worst day of all worst days, you will pick something to find joy in, even if it’s as simple as, you’re still breathing. This last page is even great to laminate along with the previous page and reuse week after week with a dry erase marker.

So, friend, will you take this opportunity to create real change in your life by choosing a mindset of joy? If you’re ready, then click the following link and enter the email address you want me to send your free Joy journal to. True change can begin here and now. What are you waiting for?    

To claim your free printable JOY journal, tell me where to send it here: JOY Journal.   If you are already an email subscriber, then yours is waiting for you in your inbox! And don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

I want to take this journey to freedom in joy with you, so please, tag me @msstephaniegilbert on Instagram when you post any of your JOY Journal journey to your page or stories and use hashtag #joyjournallife so that I can see the beautiful work God is doing in your heart and life and repost to my own stories for others to be encouraged to do the same. We can do this together, friend!  

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