How To Survive Motherhood Limbo

I feel like I’m living in motherhood limbo…you know, that stage between being a baby mama mama of babies and a mama of “big kids.” It’s honestly confusing some days. I find myself weepy over missing that new baby scent as a sleeping baby nuzzles up close on my chest. And then again excited for diaper days to be behind us soon and happy to have a little more freedom than I once had. Figuring out how to make this transition is tough. Right about now I should be pregnant again… or at least my body and heart think so. In this new stage of motherhood, I like discovering ways to help make this transition go smoothly…like eating cake for no reason. Ha! But really. Cake. Alright, so other than cake, I have found something a bit more practical that makes a great transition piece from mom of babies to mom of big kids—a fabulous mommy bag! It’s as though a diaper bag and designer purse had a baby…a glorious, stylish, functional baby!


Do you hear the angels singing? Honestly though, I feel like I look plain silly carrying around a diaper bag with children as old as mine, but you better bet I need just as much stuff as I did with babies. I have one who is not completely potty-trained, so of course, I need pullups and wipes with me wherever we go. Plus, I carry snacks and drinks for three kids and extra changes of clothes just in case…because 3 KIDS. There’s bound to be spills and accidents. On top of all my children’s items, I also carry my wallet, phone, and notebook (blogger needs). This bag from Mama Martina bags is the perfect mommy bag for me. I can fit everything I need in it while feeling cute and stylish at the same time.


Trust me, I need all the help I can get in the style department. Here are a few perks about this particular bag:

  1. Several pockets and zippered compartments for drinks and smaller items like phone and keys.
  2. Multiple strap options: a removable shoulder strap, stroller strap, and regular purse-like straps.
  3. Cute, matching changing pad (perfect for my daughter’s poopy situations).


This bag is officially my favorite right now… the perfect transitional piece, making this time in limbo easier to walk through. If you love my bag as much as I do, you can get your own here. And be sure to follow Mama Martina Bags on Instagram.


Limbo doesn’t have to be such a drab place anymore!

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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    Oh momma I’d love to tell you the feeling of limbo and anticipation of what’s next ends but sadly it’ll always slightly be there. I have journeyed from a baby to an adult and doing it all again(my girls are 3, 8 & 19). There’s always moments of missing their tiny little bums but then excitement over getting 8 hours of sleep(although I sleep less due to the 19 yr old most nights than her sisters). BUT a cute bag always makes everything better ????

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

      Oh I bet you are right! So hard to watch them grow up. And yes, a new, cute bag makes everything better…that and CAKE! haha!

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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    This bag is so cute! Love the stripes and color. And I know that “in between” stage. Once it passes though, you don’t really miss the diaper stage anymore! Until of course you get pregnant again like I did. lol

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

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