The Married Couple Valentine’s Challenge

When I first began dating my husband, he could do no wrong in my eyes. In fact, no one was as smart or as kind or as smokin’ hot as he was. In my mind, I had snatched up the man every other woman in the world only dreamed of having. My heart went pitter patter when he walked into the room, and I couldn’t wait for each opportunity to steal a kiss from him. I just knew we would live “happily ever after.”

But . . .

Then, came love and marriage and babies in the baby carriage (three to be exact), and our whole world was turned upside-down, inside-out, and all sorts of topsy-turvy! The only pitter patter happening at this point was the pitter patter of little feet, and the kisses I was stealing were a bit more slobbery than before (the babies’ kisses, of course).

Let’s face it. Time changes everything. Those men we wives once viewed as studs might have replaced some of their irresistible charm with bodily noises and smells that send us racing to another room rather than into their arms. And we women you husbands once viewed as flawless beauties may have replaced our done-up hair and make-up adorned faces with sweatpants and spit-up covered t-shirts.

After the honeymoon, life just got complicated. Many responsibilities swooped in to steal away our romance and oh-so-sweet alone time, and we found ourselves collapsed on the couch in complete exhaustion at the end of every day. Maybe you and your spouse are like me and my husband—absolutely 100% in love with each other but are finding it difficult to keep the spark alive.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this seems to be the perfect time to make our spouses top priority once again. I have come up with a Valentine’s week challenge for myself and will now share it with you so that you can join me in this endeavor with your own spouse. Each day’s challenge goes as follows:

  • Monday: Get rid of all negativity aimed at your spouse. Only speak positive and uplifting words, letting him/her know just how much you appreciate him/her
  • Tuesday: Kiss for no less than 60 seconds at a time. Do this at least 3 times throughout the day.
  • Wednesday: Spend time in prayer with each other. This may mean getting up a bit earlier than usual or staying up a little later.
  • Thursday: Allow no children (or fur babies) to sleep in the bed with you and your spouse.
  • Friday: Surprise your spouse with something spontaneous. This could be an activity or even a gift. Use your imagination.
  • Saturday: Go on a date. And yes, the date could be in your living room when the kids are fast asleep! Be creative.

These are just a few minor changes that could even revolutionize your marriage when put to use on a regular basis. Why not try it with me for one week. You might be glad you did!


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