Meet God-Sized Dreamer, Chanda Rigby

Whether we realize it or not, we could be making a monumental impact on the people God has placed in our lives, especially our children. You and I could be the reason our loved ones find their own God-sized dreams! Our next God-sized dreamer found her own passion through the influence of her father. Unknown to him, his simple words of affection set the course for an unbelievable, God-sized coaching career for his daughter, Chanda Rigby.


Coach Rigby, the head women’s basketball coach at Troy University in Troy, Alabama, found her love for basketball shortly after her father playfully referred to her as “his little basketball player.” Since she desired to make her father proud, these words stuck with her and gave her the drive to follow after her God-sized dream. She has had a successful coaching career, making herself known as the coach who takes teams from “worst to first.” Just one year prior to Coach Rigby coming to Troy, Troy’s girls’ basketball team only had two wins the entire season. In the past three years that Rigby has been coaching at Troy, they have won thirty-four games. When Chanda Rigby has a God-sized dream, she does not just sit on the sidelines! Through faith, purpose, hard work, and determination, Coach Rigby has not only pursued her God-sized dream, but is living it out daily. If you desire to fulfill your own God-sized dream, then you do not want to miss out on the following interview. You will be inspired, motivated, and blessed!

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*When/how did you first begin a relationship with Christ as your Savior?

Since my parents raised me in church, I was one of those kids who grew up with a knowledge of Christ and actually accepted Him as Savior at a very young age. At four-years-old I began a relationship with Christ and was baptized. Then, years later when I was fifteen-years-old, I realized that I really didn’t understand as a small child what baptism actually meant, so I decided to get re-baptized.


*What does a typical day look like for you?

I start my day at 5 a.m., and my mornings are very busy. I try to exercise and do my quiet time before I get my boys up for school around 6:30. Since my husband and I are both coaches and are never sure if our family will be together again during the day, we cook a very big breakfast for our boys and sit down together to eat and read Scripture as a family. Once I get them off to school, I leave to go to Troy to work. Depending on what time of year it is, we may do weights first and then practice in the afternoon. After practicing, I usually make mini recruiting calls and texts since recruiting is a year round process. Then, once I’m on the road either recruiting or traveling with my team, I try to make it home as early as possible to have dinner with my family, but that doesn’t happen too often. I’m away in the evenings more than I am with them. At night, I end my day doing “mom duties” such as washing clothes and cleaning the kitchen.


*How do you balance all the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and college basketball coach?

I pray for wisdom to decide when to say no and how to prioritize responsibilities in my day. My husband is very supportive of my job and our family. He steps in and does a lot when I cannot be there. Even though my job is very important, if something is important to my family, it takes priority over my job. My first responsibility is always to my family. Since my children are older now and more independent, my job and family usually do not conflict though. I’m also able to balance everything with a lot of preparation time. I take a look at the week ahead and prioritize what’s most important for that week.


*What is a fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?

Most people in my profession probably think I am 100% all about winning, and even the people who see me in my daily life probably think that my mind is always on getting the next good player or finding the next play. I seem very driven in that way, but actually, my priority is to do God’s will in my job and improve the lives of the young women that I coach. I try to really search out my heart on a daily basis to find ways to strengthen my girls during the time that I have with them. An ongoing current dialog I have with myself in my prayer life is “what needs do they have that I can meet?” and “I know God has something important for this young lady’s life. How can I strengthen her while I have time with her?” That may not be a “fun” fact necessarily, but it’s something most people would not know.  


*What advice would you give other women who are just beginning their journeys to fulfill their own God-sized dreams of writing, singing, coaching, etc.?

I would give two pieces of advice. First of all, if you want to do something “super” and big, you’ve got to stay very connected with the supernatural—connected to God. Prayer, listening to God, and reading the Bible are the keys. I don’t see how people accomplish anything super without being connected to the supernatural. God gives me wisdom. There could be open doors all around me, but if I don’t have that connection with God, then I won’t realize what opportunity doors to walk through. He simply makes things clear to me. Staying connected to God definitely can put us all in position to do something amazing. My whole career has been about taking teams from “worst to first,” turning losing programs around.  I have had to get them to believe in something they did not see. I don’t know how anyone would do that other than staying connected to God and believing in the impossible. My next advice is that you have to set goals in which you must have faith to accomplish. Scripture states, “Without faith it’s impossible to please God.” In my mind, without faith, it’s impossible to reach the impossible. You’ve got to believe in something that’s not already there. If it were already there, you wouldn’t be striving for something that great. I constantly ask myself what I’m believing in God for because if I’m not believing in Him for something really big, then He’s not real in my life. These two things—staying connected with God and believing in God for something really big that you have to have faith to accomplish—are the biggest pieces of advice I can give.

Check out Troy’s women’s basketball Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter at @TroyWomensBball and on Instagram at @Troywbb.

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