No More New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year, and you know what that means; it’s time to start a new diet. Or at least everyone else sure seems to think so. I did try a diet once when I was in college. One of the rules I had in this particular diet was I could only eat one dessert a week. It seems pretty reasonable, right? I should be able to handle this with no trouble, right? Yea…not so much. I actually was doing great until one day my absolute favorite pie was served in our campus cafeteria. This wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t already had my one dessert for the week. All I could do was stare, mouth hanging open, drool dripping from my lips as the creamy, Oreo filled pie sat just within my grasp. The torture was so overwhelming that I even wrote a poem capturing this miserable moment in my life; it’s what I like to call the “Ode to the Untouchable Pie” which I will share with you now.

I gazed at it with a scheming eye,

That pompous and perfect, untouchable pie,

Rising high with scrumptious clouds of cream

And crumbles of cookies to form a great team.

Could I bear the snowy, whipped lacing 

Or the snare of the chocolaty casing?

Why be trapped by this diet with fear

When I could be enriched by mouthfuls of cheer?

In the end, my thighs never matter,

‘Cause I just desire a tummy much fatter.                                                                            

As you can probably tell, the diet didn’t last long. I find this to be true with many of our New Year’s resolutions. We tell ourselves that this year will be different; we will scale mountains, break records, and finally have the body we’ve always dreamed of. Then, a week into the New Year, we realize that we might have been just a little bit over-ambitious, and the New Year’s resolutions become non-existent.

This year I’ve decided that my resolution is to have no New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I’m going to have day-to-day resolutions. Each day is a clean slate—a chance for me to start fresh when I’ve made mistakes. If I struggle with eating healthy or fail at finding time to read my Bible, I won’t throw my hands up because I’ve ruined the entire year’s resolutions. Instead, I can decide to start over again the very next day. I won’t give up!

Maybe you’re like me, tired of feeling the pressure of the New Year’s resolutions. Why don’t you join me in my endeavor to take each day as it comes? Together we can finally succeed at those goals we have been longing to reach. This year will be different, just one day at a time.

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