Not Another Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Post

With all the negativity and harmful words being tossed around on social media, I think it’s time for something more uplifting, so don’t worry. This really is not another same sex marriage ruling post. Independence Day is upon us and instead of focusing on what our country did or didn’t get right here recently, I want to take a break to remember the ones who bravely fought so that we could have the freedom to argue all over the Internet about these pressing issues.

Our country may not be perfect, and it may be filled with sinners (what country isn’t?), but our country is still ours. It’s where we can worship exactly how, where, and when we believe is best without fear of persecution. It’s where we can create, start, and run our own businesses in spite of race or religion. It’s where we can fuss, fight, argue, love, laugh, and live without some hierarchy controlling our every move. It’s still the land of the free and the home of the brave. And it’s still in God’s hands, whether we believe it or not.

Today and every day I am thankful for this nation, and I am thankful for those who made it possible for me to be here now. Many suffered, many died, and many grieved for us—the ones, like me, who debate and solve the world’s problems with our typed up words while sitting comfortably on our cushy couches in front of our pricey TVs and smartphones. We have it all, yet we talk as if we’ve lost it all.

I have good news, friend. Our country is still great, and our God is even greater. In the moments that you feel the need to attack those who go against your beliefs (whether right or wrong), why not stop and pray for our nation instead. Of course, there are times we must act, but we must do so wisely.

But for now, during this 4th of July, while we gather with family and friends below a sky painted with sparks of red, white, and blue lights, let’s purpose to remind ourselves and others who we truly are. We are free. We are human. We are flawed. We are blessed despite it all. And we are one nation under God. Let us not forget it.




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    This morning I read a Psychology Today article which set my mind spinning with rebuttals. (The article was not actually on the gay marriage issue.) Although there was no necessity or logic in my adding to the 500+ comments that the controversial article had generated, I could not help mentally composing one, and dwelling a bit too long on the evils of fallen humanity in general and its current state in particular. Finally, it occurred to me that I may as well just pray for the man who had written the article and then see whether you had a new blog post, since I felt I could use something along the lines of your usually-encouraging perspective!

    The aptness of your post to my own feelings could only make me smile in the end. Thank you for “in everything giving thanks” and for reminding us that God is still in control–and trustworthy. And that series of events leading up to my reading of your post? It reminded me afresh that the Lord also cares about our little day-to-day affairs as well as the great national ones.

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