Christmas, Tractors, and the True Reason For the Season

“What is Christmas all about?” I asked my oldest son, wondering all the while what answer he would spout back. You might think since he is a four-year-old, he would say something like presents or Christmas lights or maybe even Jesus—every Christian parent hopes, anyway. But what does my little one think Christmas is all about? He confidently responded with … Read More

More Than a Reflection

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see bags under tired eyes from rowdy children keeping you up most of the night, hair in desperate need of a cut or really just a brush, and two-day-old mascara smeared across half of your face? Or is that just me? Sigh Now, that the holidays are upon … Read More

Living In a Mixed-Up World

It was that time of year again—the time I like to call Thankschristmas. It is the time of the holiday season when Christmas lovers alike don their tacky red and green elf on the shelf sweatshirts and turn on their obnoxiously loud Christmas tunes right smack dab in the middle of November. Gasps all around in hushed tones. Yes, Thanksgiving … Read More

Perfectly Imperfect

Okay, seriously… What is so wrong with wanting a tiny bit of perfection in my life? Is it too much to ask for my toddler not to create snow angels in his freshly made poop on the kitchen floor; or for my preschooler not to loudly scream and cry in the middle of the grocery store with quite the award-winning … Read More