Perfectly Imperfect

Okay, seriously…

What is so wrong with wanting a tiny bit of perfection in my life? Is it too much to ask for my toddler not to create snow angels in his freshly made poop on the kitchen floor; or for my preschooler not to loudly scream and cry in the middle of the grocery store with quite the award-winning dramatic performance; or for my sweet baby not to spew yesterday’s milk down the front of my new shirt just before I have to sing in front of the whole congregation at my church?

You laugh at my pitiful situation only because you know we’re not so different. We may not know each other, but we both have one important trait in common—our lives are perfectly imperfect.

We don’t have it all-together. Some of us are better at faking it than others, but deep down inside, none of us are always happy with the way our lives are all the time.

Friend, I’m here to tell you that life would be boring without the imperfections! Who really wants a house that’s always spotless or kids who are always well-behaved or a body like Angelina Jolie’s…

         Voice trails off.

Alright, maybe we wouldn’t mind having some of those things, but we have something far more important—a life worth living and improving. We have challenges yet to face, treasures yet to find, and victories yet to claim! Our lives may be messy, but they are filled with moments of pure joy—moments that define us and shape us into the people God wants us to be.

He doesn’t expect us to be perfect; He only expects us to give all of our imperfections to Him. You see, He’s in the business of using imperfect people to do the extraordinary—David the adulterer, Peter the big mouth, and Paul the murderer of Christians to name a few.

So here we are, my friend, just a couple of people who may not have the most glamorous lives; but why should we care about everything being perfect when our God loves us just the way we are—perfectly imperfect.

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    This was just what I needed to hear! Thank you for the encouragement. The last several weeks and especially the last couple days have been very difficult! So many things in our lives are changing, new things are happening and old things are coming to an end. Things have been so far from perfect and this dose of reality left me laughing and crying. Thank you Stephanie.

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