4 Ways to Make Time for God When You’re a Full-Time Mom

Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty and have poured my energy into inward reflection and searching. Although this can be detrimental if the focus remains mainly on the negative, this time of speculation has drawn my insecurities and shortcomings to the surface, enabling them to be plucked from my overly-clenched palms. The biggest flaw that has seeped out into the open … Read More

Why I Refuse To Teach My Children Religion

The most important fact you need to know about me above being a mom, wife, or writer is that I am a “Jesus freak.” All good DC Talk lovin’ 90s kids know exactly what I’m talking about. I believe in God and trust in what Jesus Christ did for me when he died a gruesome death on the cross. Call … Read More

Sick and Tired of Being Tired

I woke up feeling rested, too rested, especially for a late night spent circling the house from my room to my daughter’s room to the rocking chair and back. I grabbed my phone and confirmed my suspicions. We had overslept. I maneuvered my legs out of the warmth of the blankets twisted about me and plopped down onto the cold, … Read More