4 Common Mistakes Parents With Young Children Make

Defeat. Never has the impact of this word struck me as forcefully as it did when I found myself recently staring into the mirror… or maybe it wasn’t exactly a mirror…more like a miniature version of myself… one of my children to be 100% accurate. But it might as well have been a mirror. The words, “Are you kidding me?!” … Read More

From Mommy to My Firstborn

Just like clockwork, here you are. As I watch you groggily rub your half-squinted sleepy eyes while dragging your feet across the living room floor to where I’ve been hunkered down for the past couple of hours in the comfort of couch, blanket, and pillows, practically in a Netflix coma, the anticipation of some rare cuddle time fills my mommy … Read More

What Teen Camp Taught Me About Raising Kids

For the first time in six years, I spent nearly an entire week kid free! Well, sort of. My three biological children stayed with their grandparents while my husband and I were whisked away on a passionate week-long getaway to . . . teen camp. Yes, we packed our bags to haul around twenty teenagers to Global Youth Camp in … Read More