4 Reasons Why I Dread My Kids’ Teenage Years

I hear people say all the time that teenagers today have it so much harder than we had it over a decade ago—that social media has intensified the peer pressure and the bullying. Well, I 100% agree. I’m terrified for my children to become teenagers and quite honestly am praying for a miraculous Twilight Zone-type time halt to transpire, freezing … Read More

How To Create A Spiritual Haven At Home

In the six years that I’ve been a parent, one hard truth has steadily seeped to the surface in my life—we live in a dark world. Sure, there are slivers of light piercing through the darkness, but they are few. I’ve said before that I’ve considered locking my children away to shield them from the hate and depravity, but I … Read More

A Pregnant Mama’s Journey: The Good, The Hard, and The In-Between

Written by Gwendolyn Fiola Since it was a fresh start to a new year, on January 5th my husband and I sat down and decided what we wanted to do with our year. We made financial goals, relationship goals, spiritual goals, and physical goals. We also talked about whether or not we wanted to add on to our family this year, but we … Read More

The Christian Mom’s Manifesto

Mom life is a hard life. But it’s also beautiful, thrilling, spontaneous, climactic, and fulfilling. Sometimes we cannot see all of the beauty of motherhood because we are blinded by the junk—the junk that society keeps hurtling at us. I find myself drowning in a sea of mounting expectations that I can never feasibly attain. While I trudge through all … Read More