Dear Christian Parent: Here’s How We Are Failing

It’s official. We live in a backwards world. I’m sure if time-travel were possible and the pioneers journeyed to our present day, they would likely bolt back to the mothership as quickly as they came and be ecstatic to get back to the good ole days of scarlet fever, diphtheria, and small pox. I have to be honest though… as … Read More

How To Create A Spiritual Haven At Home

In the six years that I’ve been a parent, one hard truth has steadily seeped to the surface in my life—we live in a dark world. Sure, there are slivers of light piercing through the darkness, but they are few. I’ve said before that I’ve considered locking my children away to shield them from the hate and depravity, but I … Read More

The Most Important Words Your Child Needs to Hear

Written by Abbie Ginther When’s the last time you got REALLY excited about something? I’m not talking that rush when the Starbucks drive-thru is strangely quiet and you wonder if the rapture came and you’ve been left behind. I’m talking about the heart-pounding gasp of wonder that makes you want to shout, “Come and see!” My toddler feels this at … Read More

3 Practical Ways to Teach Your Children About Faith

Faith—we all have it. And we all are teaching our children to have faith in someone or something whether we like it or not. In the mornings as you grumble and mumble incoherent babblings while groggily shuffling your feet toward the coffee maker . . . or as I like to call it, the happy, sunshine face maker, you demonstrate … Read More