When the Ordinary Becomes the Extraordinary

Written by Marielle Petkoff My life is boring. My life is nothing special. I have nothing to say worth sharing. I went from working for a well-known corporation, managing a multi-million dollar business, to spending my days as a stay-at home mom, changing diapers, microwaving chicken nuggets, and driving circles around the neighborhood just to kill time when the afternoons … Read More

Pregnant & Afraid: The Day I Started Talking to God Again

Written by Emily Music When I was a little girl, my bedtime prayer usually went something like this: “Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for mommy, daddy, nana, poppa, granny, papaw, the dog, the cat,” and the list would go on and on to include extended family, neighbors down the street, and occasionally my (favorite) Barbie dolls. … Read More

3 Practical Ways to Teach Your Children About Faith

Faith—we all have it. And we all are teaching our children to have faith in someone or something whether we like it or not. In the mornings as you grumble and mumble incoherent babblings while groggily shuffling your feet toward the coffee maker . . . or as I like to call it, the happy, sunshine face maker, you demonstrate … Read More

Why I Refuse To Teach My Children Religion

The most important fact you need to know about me above being a mom, wife, or writer is that I am a “Jesus freak.” All good DC Talk lovin’ 90s kids know exactly what I’m talking about. I believe in God and trust in what Jesus Christ did for me when he died a gruesome death on the cross. Call … Read More