6 Fun Christmas Traditions for the Holidays

There are two types of people in the world: those who listen to Christmas music in November (spreading cheer and sunshine to all they meet) and those who prefer to word vomit “bah humbugs” across Facebook posts that depict Christmas décor hung before Thanksgiving Day. Answer me this: are you even a Christian if you fall into the latter category? … Read More

Fighting Distractions—10 Activities to Help Moms Be More Present

The noise is inescapable most days—the chatter and lights from the TV, the bings and rings from our phones, the coming and going, and the rushing this way and that… it’s all so much. Many days I tend to bury my heart and mind into the mindless, needless distractions while my poor kids suffer from half-here-mommy syndrome. I’m a stay-at-home … Read More

The 3 “P’s” To the Ultimate Vacation

We’ve all been there. That point you reach when you not only want a vacation but you so desperately need one. I was there just recently. You know that tired feeling you get that basically consumes you? And I don’t mean just physically. I’m talking about being mentally, spiritually, and emotionally tired. This was me. Even the thought of forcing … Read More