Why Being a Good Mom Isn’t Good Enough

When my eyes saw those two pink lines for the first time, everything changed. It’s almost as if my brain switched to autopilot and turned off all “unnecessary” brain cells–you know, the ones that tell me where I left my keys and help me remember what I’m talking about mid-sentence and. . . Now, where was I. . . I … Read More

What My Son Taught Me About Grace

His solemn, steel blue eyes softened and slowly began to light up as he listened attentively to my heartfelt apology for raising my voice in frustration yet again. I find myself in this position often–repeatedly asking for forgiveness for losing my cool. I could give all sorts of excuses: I’m a good person just having a bad day. I didn’t mean … Read More

3 Steps To Your Own Happily Ever After

There I was, just an innocent, unsuspecting movie goer with Reese’s pieces in one hand and a Cherry Coke in the other ready to laugh at the oh-so-cute puppy, Marley, in Marley and Me. Never would I have thought that those adorable previews were all just a BIG FAT LIE. *spoiler alert* As I blubbered uncontrollably, smearing mascara across my face … Read More