A Christmas Prayer For the One Who Grieves At Christmastime

Oh Father, You see her tucked away in bed. While other children giggle and wriggle in anticipation that Ol’ St. Nick will soon be near, the only gift her heart desires this Christmas is for Mommy to give her just one more goodnight kiss. She needs You more than ever now. You see him lost and alone, drowning his sorrows in … Read More

3 Steps To Your Own Happily Ever After

There I was, just an innocent, unsuspecting movie goer with Reese’s pieces in one hand and a Cherry Coke in the other ready to laugh at the oh-so-cute puppy, Marley, in Marley and Me. Never would I have thought that those adorable previews were all just a BIG FAT LIE. *spoiler alert* As I blubbered uncontrollably, smearing mascara across my face … Read More