New Mama Feels and the Loneliness We Don’t Want To Admit

Written by: Raven Alexis I allowed myself to Google it. “the loneliness of motherhood” 448,000 results. Isn’t that funny? That while feeling so alone, there are so many others searching and discussing the same thing? As a relatively new mama (my son, Legend, is 6 months old), I still get asked: “How’s motherhood treating you?” “Do you love being a … Read More

When the Ordinary Becomes the Extraordinary

Written by Marielle Petkoff My life is boring. My life is nothing special. I have nothing to say worth sharing. I went from working for a well-known corporation, managing a multi-million dollar business, to spending my days as a stay-at home mom, changing diapers, microwaving chicken nuggets, and driving circles around the neighborhood just to kill time when the afternoons … Read More

How to Organize Your “Motherload” In 1 Easy Step

Organized chaos—that’s basically the definition of my life. I am half perfectionist/half chicken with my head cut off. It’s a problem. My husband lovingly points out my issues as he searches for any of his belongings (keys, phone, etc.) in my diaper bag. Sure, everything I need is packed in there, but as the day goes on, everything gets thrown … Read More

The Most Important Words Your Child Needs to Hear

Written by Abbie Ginther When’s the last time you got REALLY excited about something? I’m not talking that rush when the Starbucks drive-thru is strangely quiet and you wonder if the rapture came and you’ve been left behind. I’m talking about the heart-pounding gasp of wonder that makes you want to shout, “Come and see!” My toddler feels this at … Read More

From Mommy to My Firstborn

Just like clockwork, here you are. As I watch you groggily rub your half-squinted sleepy eyes while dragging your feet across the living room floor to where I’ve been hunkered down for the past couple of hours in the comfort of couch, blanket, and pillows, practically in a Netflix coma, the anticipation of some rare cuddle time fills my mommy … Read More