What Your Friend With Infertility Really Needs From You

I take far too much for granted. As I sit sunken down in the sweet spot of my couch with legs tucked in and blanket snugly wrapped around me while typing these words, I realize how spoiled I actually am. I have a home with running water, electricity, and a refrigerator filled with food. I have clothes, shoes, and every … Read More

4 Reasons Why I Dread My Kids’ Teenage Years

I hear people say all the time that teenagers today have it so much harder than we had it over a decade ago—that social media has intensified the peer pressure and the bullying. Well, I 100% agree. I’m terrified for my children to become teenagers and quite honestly am praying for a miraculous Twilight Zone-type time halt to transpire, freezing … Read More

Dear Christian Parent: Here’s How We Are Failing

It’s official. We live in a backwards world. I’m sure if time-travel were possible and the pioneers journeyed to our present day, they would likely bolt back to the mothership as quickly as they came and be ecstatic to get back to the good ole days of scarlet fever, diphtheria, and small pox. I have to be honest though… as … Read More

5 Hard Truths New Moms Learn

This piece of mine originally appeared on Her View From Home. Before I became a mommy, I had pieced together in my mind this awe-inspiring portrait of what motherhood looked like. You know – prancing around my organized and spotless kitchen in my monogrammed apron surrounded by taste-bud tantalizing aromas, excited giggles, and pitter-patter of little, darling feet. But then … Read More

A Letter to the Lonely Stay-At-Home Mom

You know how frustrating it is when a well-meaning loved one says “I know how you feel” when he/she really doesn’t have a clue. To be honest, I’m annoyed even mentioning this scenario. But even though this statement has been tossed around flippantly and abused quite a bit, please don’t roll your eyes too far back in your head as … Read More

How to Keep Your Kids From Fighting Sleep At Bedtime

My two favorite times of the day, hands down, are eating times and bedtime, and I’m thinking most moms can relate! My life is an assortment of craziness, so when I finally tuck my little trouble makers angels into bed and administer final kisses and “I love yous,” I am ecstatic! Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with … Read More

Love Him Anyway—Book Review & Giveaway

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher for use in my review.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own. As a mother of three precious children, I could not imagine any of my kids facing terminal illnesses or being permanently confined by physical handicaps. Any mother would be distraught having to watch her babes undergo such hardship. … Read More