4 Items Moms Should Never Leave Home Without

When you have a growing family like mine, life gets hectic to say the least. Heading to the grocery store or the doctor’s office is a movie-type adventure involving plenty of action (bathroom casualties), drama (pre-nap meltdowns), and a touch of comic relief (boys using playground equipment as urinals). And on these daily adventures, you have to be prepared for … Read More

The Christian Mom’s Manifesto

Mom life is a hard life. But it’s also beautiful, thrilling, spontaneous, climactic, and fulfilling. Sometimes we cannot see all of the beauty of motherhood because we are blinded by the junk—the junk that society keeps hurtling at us. I find myself drowning in a sea of mounting expectations that I can never feasibly attain. While I trudge through all … Read More

Why Being a Good Mom Isn’t Good Enough

When my eyes saw those two pink lines for the first time, everything changed. It’s almost as if my brain switched to autopilot and turned off all “unnecessary” brain cells–you know, the ones that tell me where I left my keys and help me remember what I’m talking about mid-sentence and. . . Now, where was I. . . I … Read More

How To Diagnose and Treat the Recent Motherhood Epidemic On Social Media

I just have one thing to say about the Mommy Comparison Epidemic . . . die, you stealer of joy, DIE! You know what I mean when I say Mommy Comparison Epidemic, don’t you? If not, then let me break it down for you. This epidemic is the current poison of our motherhood society. It’s the voice that whispers, “Do … Read More

When You Realize You’re “That Mommy”

There are moments in life that truly define you, life-altering moments, like that moment when you find yourself in the walk jog RUN of shame across the public playground because that little boy with the pants and big boy Cars underwear wrapped around his ankles, watering the swingset with his tiny manhood is your child. Before I was a mom, I had motherhood … Read More