5 Hard Truths New Moms Learn

This piece of mine originally appeared on Her View From Home. Before I became a mommy, I had pieced together in my mind this awe-inspiring portrait of what motherhood looked like. You know – prancing around my organized and spotless kitchen in my monogrammed apron surrounded by taste-bud tantalizing aromas, excited giggles, and pitter-patter of little, darling feet. But then … Read More

New Mama Feels and the Loneliness We Don’t Want To Admit

Written by: Raven Alexis I allowed myself to Google it. “the loneliness of motherhood” 448,000 results. Isn’t that funny? That while feeling so alone, there are so many others searching and discussing the same thing? As a relatively new mama (my son, Legend, is 6 months old), I still get asked: “How’s motherhood treating you?” “Do you love being a … Read More