Finding Power in Our New Normal: Confessions of an ASD Mom

(Thank you April Sawyer Photography for capturing this sweet shot of my boy.) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)—it’s difficult for me to express exactly what feelings stirred up inside of me the first time I heard these words in reference to MY child. My thoughts were one jumbled mess as I attempted to settle into the fact that we would be … Read More

4 Common Mistakes Parents With Young Children Make

Defeat. Never has the impact of this word struck me as forcefully as it did when I found myself recently staring into the mirror… or maybe it wasn’t exactly a mirror…more like a miniature version of myself… one of my children to be 100% accurate. But it might as well have been a mirror. The words, “Are you kidding me?!” … Read More

Dear Christian Parent: Here’s How We Are Failing

It’s official. We live in a backwards world. I’m sure if time-travel were possible and the pioneers journeyed to our present day, they would likely bolt back to the mothership as quickly as they came and be ecstatic to get back to the good ole days of scarlet fever, diphtheria, and small pox. I have to be honest though… as … Read More

“My kid has what?!” Lessons God Taught Me In Homeschooling

Written by: Elisabeth Rigby Homeschooling my own kids? Psh, no big deal…easy-peasy. Hadn’t I gotten straight A’s in high school, even taking Physics and Pre-Calculus? Didn’t I graduate a semester early from Bible college with Honors? I went into homeschooling with a faith in God and a confidence in my own qualifications. The first week with my five-year-old was a … Read More