How To Survive Motherhood Limbo

I feel like I’m living in motherhood limbo…you know, that stage between being a baby mama mama of babies and a mama of “big kids.” It’s honestly confusing some days. I find myself weepy over missing that new baby scent as a sleeping baby nuzzles up close on my chest. And then again excited for diaper days to be behind … Read More

Ribbies Clippies Review and 25% Discount Code

I always knew I wanted to have a daughter. Of course, I was thrilled when God saw fit to give me two boys first. They are my heart and my joy, and there’s nothing quite like the love a boy has for his mommy (and vice versa). But deep down, I also desired one of those mommy-daughter relationships. You know, … Read More

Mockys Shop Review and 20% Discount Gift

Cute and affordable home décor pieces are my weakness. Discovering fresh art and furniture for my home makes any day sweeter at the Gilbert residence. My house may be small and definitely not on its way to the front page of Southern Living magazine, but I do my best to make it look cozy and inviting, especially my kids’ rooms. … Read More

Seriously Happy Tees Review

If you were to ask me what my style is, I honestly would probably just stare at you, mouth gaping open, trying to formulate an answer, and then finally after a long awkward pause would stare some more. I mean is “my-kids-wipe-their-snot-on-my-pants” look considered an actual style? Let’s just say I’m in a stage of life where my style is … Read More