8 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Girl’s Trip (For Moms!)

Thank you to the following restaurants, World of Coca-Cola, and the various shops for the complimentary meals, tickets, and items during our girls’ trip in Atlanta.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. When you’re a mom, getting away with girlfriends is a rarity. But recently I packed a bag and headed to spend time with a … Read More

How to Survive Post-Vacation Blues

There’s no place like home. Maybe you get the warm fuzzies when hearing, reading, or experiencing these five words. Most people do. But right now, that quote isn’t exactly my motto of the day. I am undeniably suffering from the post-mom-vacation hangover. I feel guilt and sadness—guilt because, quite frankly, being home stinks at the moment… literally and figuratively (there … Read More

The 3 “P’s” To the Ultimate Vacation

We’ve all been there. That point you reach when you not only want a vacation but you so desperately need one. I was there just recently. You know that tired feeling you get that basically consumes you? And I don’t mean just physically. I’m talking about being mentally, spiritually, and emotionally tired. This was me. Even the thought of forcing … Read More