To the Very Worst Mom On Mother’s Day

Ever have one of those days where you are 100% sure you are the worst mother in existence? No? Then this post is NOT for you. These words are meant for the very worst mom. The one who just scraped this morning’s smooshed pop-tart off the seat of her pants. The one who shoved the mountain of clean, crumpled up clothes off of the couch and plopped down to squeeze in thirty minutes of Netflix while the children were napping. The one who despite her best judgment, bribed her three-year-old with candy to fend off an oncoming tantrum instead of hauling off her little one mid-meltdown for some much needed discipline (all the while, praying the mother one aisle down wouldn’t notice the bribing session and stare straight through her with judgmental eyes and disapproving scowl).

It’s okay. I see you, and I’m not judging. To you, the mom at her whit’s end who feels like a failure at every turn, this Mother’s Day wish is for you.

My prayer is for your patience to be strong and your coffee never weak. For the nap times to last long and the chores to be complete.

Don’t compare yourself to other moms whose floors are spick and span. Who cares if stale cheerios and dried apple sauce are overriding your flawless clean-up plans?! There are bigger matters at hand. Like that time your child was playing acrobats while swinging from your fan. . .

Tiny noses and bums to wipe, aching boo boos to bandage and kiss, backyard adventures to be had, and piles of books to read are what you really don’t want to miss.

Cuddle up close and let all your doubts and worries drift far away. That button nose and those inquisitive eyes are enough to brighten up any day.

May you never lose sight of your purpose in His plan—to lead and to guide when tempers flare and the tantrums seem to never end.

As the days drag on, the years will fly by. Your babes will learn and grow and take off on their own before your very eyes.

So squeeze them tight and forget the rest, because the truth is, as a mom, that’s all it takes to be the very best!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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    You already figured out what a lot of Mom’s don’t figure out until their babies are grown and gone. Take time today to do the important things; spending time with them, being there for them when they need you. The floors will be there long after they’re grown. The applesauce on the walls will come off with a scraper later and you can paint over it. I used to compare motherhood like painting a pipe. You go to work every day and paint the same pipe, the same color, every day. You wash the same clothes, you clean the same floors, you wash the same dishes, and you meet the same needs of everyone every day. While you’re doing it, you don’t appreciate it is the most important job in the world. Enjoy each day with your young ones…they will grow up all too soon. You will miss those monotonous days and realize it was the best time of your life. Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day, Stephanie.

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

      I’m trying anyway! I’ve learned early that life is short, and I better soak it all in. I love you, sis Jeanie!

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