What God Has taught Me About Being a Girl Mom

Written by: Nicole Flower

I have learned so much in the last seven years about being a girl mom.

My hubby and I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters. Clara, our firstborn, is six, Luci, our middle child, is five, and Holland, our youngest, was just born on New Years day. Now if you had asked me seven years ago if I wanted to become a mom, I probably would have said no!

Seven years ago I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a mom because, to be honest, I was scared… terrified even! The idea of being a parent, let alone a mom, caused me to live in fear about not being good enough. Wow, this is when God stopped me dead in my tracks! He gently reminded me, “Nicole you aren’t good enough, but I am and through me I will provide you with what you need.”

I am not good enough, but He is. What a relief this realization was and still is today! I was carrying a burden I didn’t have to carry. Sometimes I still try to take this burden back, but I have to remember that He is enough. He is always enough, and I can always run to Him in times of need.

So, my husband and I prayed this prayer: “If it is your will for us to be parents, we pray for your will, Father God.” At this time, we had been married for eight years and really had no idea if we could even have children… I mean, the thought does cross your mind! Well, it turns out if we even think about a baby, we make one!


Clara, our firstborn, taught me to lean on God by the minute, often crying out to Him with tears running down my face. Most of my doctor appointments were stressful, but God knew my heart and my desires. This taught me to lean on Him and to trust Him, and He answered all my prayers. And when I had trouble breast-feeding her and the tears came back, I cried out to Him to help me, and He did. He taught me trust and perseverance.

Luci, our middle child, taught me everything from being more patient to being more sensitive. Two more qualities I lack, but again when I forget or when I mess up (and it’s often), I turn to Him.


Holland, our new little baby girl, has not been with us long (only about a week), but I am being reminded all over again to trust, persevere, practice patience, and to be sensitive.

God has blessed me and taught me so much, and I am in awe that I am now a mom to three beautiful girls. The honor I have been given is great, and I know that so is my responsibility. Not only am I called to love and protect them and to raise them up according to God’s word, but I am and always will be their biggest role model. God is giving me the qualities that I need to be just that and an amazing mom!


Nicole is married to her soul mate and is a mom to three beautiful daughters. She’s falling more in love with Jesus everyday! When she has free time, she loves to write and share her family’s life on her blog. You can follow along with her on her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.



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