When Appreciating Your Husband Takes Too Much Time

I never would have thought that time would be my worst enemy. Oh, I’ve heard the numerous warnings from moms and grandmas who have gone before me. “Don’t blink,” they said. “Cherish each moment,” they gently reminded. But did I realize how devious this thief posing as time would actually be? No. As a mom, I am pulled in about 52,126,934 directions (but who’s counting?). Between taking care of the children, wifely duties, housekeeping, church obligations, working out, writing, blogging, and all the social media and photography involved with the latter, my head is spinning most days, and at least one area in my life always suffers. Sadly, the one area that should be top priority is the one that gets left behind a lot of the time…spouse time.

It happens far too often…my man will sneak up behind me as I’m cooking or busy writing and attempt to flirt, junior high-style no less with pokes in the side and kisses on the cheek only to have me jab him in the gut with a Kung Fu-type counter move…okay it’s not that violent, but it might as well be. As I shrug him off with good intentions and a verbal promise to spend time with him later, I do what I never intended to do…I make him second place. To everything.

Appreciating my husband officially takes “too much time.”

Once upon a time, I was that ooey gooey romance-loving wife who couldn’t go to bed without her husband cuddled up close with arm draped over her. Now I just spoon with my body pillow. It’s official. I have to step up my game. It’s time.

I determined recently to do something nice for my husband because I wanted him to be pampered for a change. I decided to collaborate with JORD wood watches in order to spoil my hubby while showing off this fabulous company. The look on my hubby’s face when he opened this early Christmas present was priceless. He LOVED it!

jord-8  jord-7

The men’s watch he chose is the dark sandalwood & burgundy Conway series, JORD’s first chronograph watch for men. Basically, a chronograph watch is a traditional display watch with stop watch functionality added to it. These types of watches are popular among athletes. With my husband being the athlete/coach he is, this watch suits him quite well.



The dark chocolate look of the wood on this watch is stunning, and it even came in a gorgeous wooden box that happens to have a secret compartment built into it. I might have been a bit facetious, praising my husband for his fabulous new “jewelry box.” One other feature that sold us both on this watch is that there is no battery in it. We don’t have to worry about eventually replacing a dead battery. Score!



I am so pleased to have been able to gift this JORD watch to my husband. And from now on when I see this watch on his wrist, I will use it as reminder to take time for him. He is my very best friend and the love of my life after all.


If you have a special man in your life whether husband, father, grandfather, brother, or friend, a JORD’s men’s watch might just be the perfect gift for him. They even have a line of women’s watches for the special women in your life as well. And right now, JORD is graciously offering to give away a $75 gift card to one of you. You can enter to win here. Even if you don’t win the $75, you are automatically given a $25 gift card to spend at their online store! Everyone wins! So please enter the giveaway, and remember to not allow time to have the upper hand in your relationships. Make time for the people in your life who matter!




I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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    Love the watch on him! Jord watches are so unique, and they make AWESOME Christmas/birthday presents. They look super masculine too.

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    Aww! It’s easy to forget that the father to our kids are also our husbands! Such a sweet gift to remind him that he is cherished

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    My husband and I were just talking about how hard time is to fight. He is a firefighter paramedic so he has an unpredictable schedule. I have been working on dropping some of “my things” when he is home because I want him to be the most important. Thanks so much for sharing! We like the watch he picked! Their styles really are very cool. ☺️

    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post

      I can imagine that your husband’s schedule is quite crazy. These hard-working men are worth us finding time for them for sure. And yes, we love the watch too!

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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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    1. Stephanie Gilbert Post
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