What I Miss When You’re Gone

When you’re gone, nothing feels right AT ALL. And the crazy part about it is I miss all the annoying things you do the most (well, maybe not the most, but I’m allowed to be dramatic because you’re not here, and I might literally be going insane)! I miss having to whack you in the middle of the night in order to get you to roll over so that the snore fest you’re having will come to an end! I miss the way you sing off key in your most loud and earth shattering voice imaginable while completely butchering the words of the song and our son proclaiming, “Stop it, Daddy! My ears hurt!” I miss when you randomly tickle me while I’m attempting to make dinner despite my pleas for you to stop. I miss those strange, bodily noises and smells… *clears throat* okay, maybe not that so much, but I do miss so much more.

Why is it when you’re gone, I suddenly realize how amazing you are even with your flaws? I can be so critical, critiquing your ideas or decisions and complaining when you forget to take out the trash. Sometimes as a mother I just plain forget how great it is to be your wife. But now that you’re gone, all I do is count the days until you’ll be near me again.

When you’re gone, I remember all the reasons why I married you in the first place. Your love for our Savior and your strong leadership are at the forefront of my mind followed by your selfless attitude, your giving spirit, your heart for ministry opportunities, your sense of humor, and your smokin’ hotness, of course! You are everything I could have dreamed up and more. It’s mind-boggling to think that God would bless me with someone like you despite all of my own downfalls and imperfections. This perfectly imperfect girl received the “perfect” man—maybe not exactly perfect but perfect for me!

So hurry back, my love, because I am missing you more than you could even know!

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