Why You Are The Best Daddy

The evidence was obvious from the start that you were going to be more than just a good father—you were going to be the best daddy around. I could see it when you paced the floor at night with our first newborn baby, all the while explaining to him why night time was not the time for playing, crying, or pooping. I could see it when you would willingly sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for the hundredth time as our little ones would excitedly squeal, “Again, Daddy, again!” And I could see it as you lay peacefully in the recliner with a baby on your chest and a toddler in your arms all tucked away together in dreamland.

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Your love for your children is more than just “well-meaning” empty promises. It is love in action—a daily demonstration of commitment and sacrifice in order to lead your family the way God has called you to do. You perform fatherly duties not solely because you are “expected to” but because you desire above all else to love your family and to guide them into a relationship with our heavenly Father. You lead your family physically, emotionally, and spiritually and do it with grace, mercy, and strength day in and day out, yet you are only formally recognized once a year.

As time goes by, I realize more and more how blessed our babies and I are to have you in our lives. I pray we never take you for granted! Thank you for all you have done and all you will do in the many years to come. Without you, our home would not be complete.

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Today and every day I want to say thank you. Thank you for living out what you believe in front of our children. Thank you for bringing fun and laughter into our home while still keeping a sense of discipline and structure. Thank you for praying with and for our children and wiping away their tears when they are sad or hurt. And thank you for doing so much more than you are called to do.

To all the fathers daddies out there, you need to know that you are appreciated. Though we your wives and children do not always show you like we should, we love you and are thankful that God gave us you. Happy Father’s Day!

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