Wipe Your Own Butt, Kid! Love, Mama Bear

If there were a prime candidate for the least likely woman ever to be a butt wiping, snot sucking, poop inspecting mama bear, not to mention keeper and protector of small children, it would most definitely be ME. I never babysat. Like ever as a teenager. And I can only distinctly remember babysitting a grand total of two times when I was in college.  Let me tell you right now that those couple of times I was in charge of little lives were flat terrifying. Tiny kids were just not my thing. But despite my lack of experience and my disdain of all things icky, I still dreamed of having my own precious children one day. I guess the thought of my kids being kind of drooly, sticky, and all sorts of icky never even crossed my mind. Bless. My three children are now 4, 6, and 8, and I still cringe at the sight of other mamas wiping their kid’s snot with their bare fingers. Eww. I was that mom who grabbed at least 2-3 wipes at a time for all snotty occasions and then washed scrubbed my hands immediately following the incident.

Despite my weak stomach and lack of resolve to wipe other people’s kids’ noses (and bottoms), somehow God saw fit to gift me with two boys followed by a little girl who doesn’t even bat an eye at mud and most creepy crawlers. I imagine God probably grabbed a bucket of popcorn, kicked his feet up, and thought to himself “this’ll be entertaining!” And entertaining it has been, my friends.

Being a mom stretches you in about 50,962,184 different ways, give or take, no matter who you are, but for me, it feels insurmountable. I fear I’m getting it wrong most of the time and wonder if my children will need mental health professionals because of me! But then I’m reminded that I have a God much bigger than me Who isn’t actually enjoying a laugh at my expense, but rather is guiding me along as I guide my littles. He sustains this mama bear and gives me wisdom when I need it the most.

I may not be the Suzie homemaker type, whipping up meals that tantalize the taste buds and growing fresh produce and herbs in my own hand dug garden, but I love my babies fiercely and would do anything to steer them in the best possible direction for their lives.

I’m learning that just because I’m not naturally drawn to babies and toddlers as passionately as other women are doesn’t mean I can’t be a good mom. Just because my kids get on my nerves sometimes, doesn’t mean I don’t adore their mischievous little grins. And just because I occasionally have said, “Wipe your own butt, kid,” doesn’t mean I don’t love them with all my heart.

If you are the mom who looks a little different or thinks a little differently than the norm, don’t lose heart! Your unique individuality makes you exactly what your children need. You are still an amazing mama bear, even if you aren’t as cookie-cutter as the rest.

P.S. Thank you Loved by Hannah and Eli for the adorable tees that remind me of my most favorite title and my most important ministry. Nothing beats being a mama bear! If you would like to proudly wear this title for all to see, you can grab your own mama bear tee here and receive a 15% discount with code: literallylol15

We Mama Bears have to stick together! Insert fist bump here.

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    I got a good laugh on this one but on a serious note…..you are probably one of the best Mama Bears that I have ever met. Your children are blessed to have you and Issac as parents. Love you girl.

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